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Ranbir Polymer Industries was established in 1984. We are situated in Adityapur Industrial Area in Jamshedpur, which is one of the biggest industrial areas in India. We started as a small company and have grown manifold since then. We have firmly rooted ourself as a leading rubber components manufacturing company in India. Continuous demand of our varied product range has proved our commitment to the high quality standards required by our customers throughout India. We are always looking to improve, upgrade and diversify our business.

We are a family-run partnership firm. The top management is a potent mix of experience and youth. The company is headed by its founder Mr. Pramod Kumar Singh (B.Tech, Mech). He holds over 35 years of industrial experience. He is the current president of Singhbhum Industries Association (SIA) and former president of Adityapur Small Industries Association (ASIA). He is the guide and mentor of this company and its employees.

Mr. Rohan Singh (B.Tech (Mech), MSc, UK) is responsible for the day to day operations of the company. He has been a working partner since 2011. His educational background in Engineering and Operations Management has helped the company improve its production efficiency and adopt Lean Manufacturing principles. He is also responsible for product development and planning of capital investment.

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